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- J.T.

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Automatic Electric Hammock Rocker

Never too much, never too little, your RockitMan™ gets that swing right every time. Engineered to give that necessary nudge to your hammock at just the right time and pace, RockitMan™ lets you truly and completely relax for as long as you prefer.  RockitMan™automatically detects the natural rhythm of your hammock or swing and adjusts to match that rhythm without any effort from you.  Simply attach RockitMan™ to your favorite hammock and rock on.

U.S. Patent #10,555,616

Works With Any Hammock!

If there was any single outdoor activity that was invented solely for relaxation, it’s camping. But having the right gear is imperative to truly getting — and staying — in the prone position that works best at a campsite. Making sure you never have to strain a solitary muscle while lounging in the great outdoors, RockitMan™ is bound to be your new favorite camping buddy. Portable, compact and durably reliable, RockitMan™ hammock swinger takes downtime to a whole new level. Simply attach, relax, and rest.  RockitMan™ takes care of the rest. 

U.S. Patent #10,555,616 

Rocks Every Body--and Couples!

We are all different.  Some of us like our hammock on the lawn, and some of us like our swing on the porch or patio.  And we are all different sizes too.  So we tested RockitMan™ with 350 pounds in our hammock, and RockitMan™ pulled through like a champ!  Whether you are an NFL lineman, an average-sized couple, or even just a tot, RockitMan™ will rock you.  So rock it!—with RockitMan™

U.S. Patent #10,555,616


Keeps Your Porch Swing Rockin'

Look, you’ve earned the right to kick back and watch the world go by from the comfort of your home perch. But how annoying is it to have to actually do the work of creating that gentle back-and-forth motion on your own? Invite RockitMan™ to hang out on those balmy summer nights and discover what true relaxation really means. Almost as easy to set up as it is to use, RockitMan™ is the porch friend you never knew you needed. Keep the gentle sway you enjoy most going with RockitMan™.  (NOTE: RockitMan does not work with swings suspended from FOUR points on the ceiling)

U.S. Patent #10,555,616

Canopy Swing? We Rock That Too!

It’s hard to beat the attraction of a comfy outdoor seating area. With cushioned seating, a sun shade, and room for two to snuggle, canopy swings are a nearly perfect choice for any porch or patio — nearly. Though they swing, they don’t do so on their own. Fortunately, there’s RockitMan™. Save the effort and truly relax with the friend you didn’t know you needed. As your constant working partner in relaxation, RockitMan™ takes the downtime you spend on your canopy swing and makes it that much better by automatically adding in that gentle sway. Simply attach and rock on.

U.S. Patent #10,555,616

Rocks your hammock swing!

Adding an additional level of comfort and control to your favorite hammock swing, RockitMan™ can be used with practically any outdoor hanging seat. Highly flexible and extremely easy to set up and use, RockitMan™ is bound to be your trusted partner in relaxation. Turning your hammock swing into your favorite seat on the porch or patio, an automatic rocker by RockitMan™ means you won’t have to exert a single muscle. Enjoy the gentle sway of your hammock swing without hassle with RockitMan™. 

U.S. Patent #10,555,616