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Can RockitMan Help With Sensory Regulation?

Self-regulation, the ability to calm down, can be a challenge for individuals with autism and those who care for them.  From the first moment of consciousness in the morning to the last light before bedtime, and oftentimes even through the night, the needs of a child on the autism spectrum often do not allow for any sustained break.  So when an opportunity arises for a caregiver to take a breather, it can be a positive experience for everyone involved.

A number of studies have shown that the sensory experience of rocking often has a calming or regulating effect for those on the autism spectrum.  Researchers and therapists have found that both sensory-avoiding and sensory-seeking individuals are more likely to calm or regulate when rocked, and both hammocks and swings have been used with therapeutic value (See Hammock as Therapy for Children, Benefits of Autistic Swings for Your Child).   The positive benefits of rocking for individuals on the autism spectrum have been well-noted by researchers and parents alike. 

However, while rocking can be beneficial for someone on the spectrum, it can be a tiring experience for the caregiver who is tasked with continually providing the rocking/swinging motion.  RockitMan can solve that problem by providing quiet, consistent, rhythmic rocking in a hammock or sensory swing, while offering the caregiver an opportunity for much-needed downtime and respite from the continuing needs of their child.

At RockitMan, we are not autism experts or medical practitioners, and we make no special claims about the therapeutic benefits of rocking in a hammock. However, we are gratified by the many complimentary comments we have received from caregivers and those with autism alike, who tell us of their positive experiences when rocking in a hammock or swing while using a RockitMan.  We believe we offer the finest automatic rocking device for any type of hammock or sensory swing, and we do know that RockitMan can provide the type of therapeutic rocking motion that many with autism find so beneficial.  Our plug-in or combo RockitMan can quietly and tirelessly rock you or your autistic child in a hammock or sensory swing for hours at a time, leading to better emotional health and well-being for everyone.