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What is the return policy if I am not satisfied?

You can return RockitMan for any reason within 15 days of receipt, but you must request a return authorization at

How is RockitMan fastened to the surface it operates on?

Simple answer--gravity.  The weight of the device is sufficient to hold it in place during operation.

 Will RockitMan operate with any electrical grid?

The plug-in and combo models of RockitMan will operate with any voltage between 120v and 240v and with either 50 or 60 hz.  Outside of the US and Canada, you may need to purchase a plug adapter to adapt a two-prong US plug to your local wall outlet.  

How noisy is the RockitMan?

RockitMan is virtually silent!  A smartphone  sound meter describes it as being in the same realm as a whisper or a quiet library.  For techie types, RockitMan will add about three decibels to a 35-decibel "silent" room.

Is RockitMan's speed adjustable?

Every hammock and swing has a natural rhythm that is determined primarily by how it is suspended.  RockitMan looks for a signal from your hammock and uses that signal to automatically match that natural rhythm exactly.  RockitMan will rock you at exactly the same speed as you rock in your hammock without RockitMan

How much weight can RockitMan handle?

Although RockitMan has handled up to 450 pounds in our test hammock, that was under ideal circumstances with the RockitMan guru (and some sand bags) in the hammock.  We like to say 350 pounds is the upper limit for a hammock and 400 pounds (including the swing) is tops for your porch swing. 


Battery Info

The battery and combo models of RockitMan operate on a 12-volt, rechargable battery that is 3"W x 4"H x 6"L and weighs about four pounds.  It will operate your RockitMan for 5-8 hours on a full charge.  The battery and a required charger are sold separately, and you can find info and links on the respective product pages, along with a picture of how the battery sets on RockitMan.

Will RockitMan work with rocking chairs or gliders?

Sorry, but no.  RockitMan only works with pendulum type devices like hammocks and swings.

How about "porch beds"?

Porch beds suspended from four points on the ceiling also don't qualify as pendulums and therefore won't work.  However, a porch bed suspended by a rope at each of the four corners can work if you join the ropes in pairs at the ceiling level with two caribiners, and then suspend the caribiners from two points on the ceiling.

Can I buy RockitMan outside the US?

Yes.  RockitMan is helping happy owners relax in over 20 countries.  You can obtain a shipping quotation by going through the purchase process on the product pages, and if you don't like the quotation, you have the option to end the process without purchasing.  Be aware that your home country may impose customs charges for which you will receive a COD bill from the shipping company.

Is RockitMan difficult to operate?

Not at all IF YOU VIEW THE VIDEO AND FOLLOW THE SETUP INSTRUCTIONS.  But keep in mind, it is ROCKIT science after all!