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How It Works

What is RockitMan™?

Have you ever dreamed of falling into your hammock, closing your eyes, and drifting off to dreamland while gently and continuously rocking back and forth?

RockitMan™ is a little electric marvel that will continuously rock your hammock or swing. It will adapt to any hammock, hammock chair, or lightweight patio or porch swing. And not only will it rock you, it will automatically adjust to the natural rhythm of whatever it is swinging.

How Does It Work?

If you have ever tried to push someone in a swing, you know it doesn't take a big push to keep someone moving once they are already swinging back and forth. A tiny push at just the right time does the trick. A hammock or porch swing is much the same. You start things off by giving your hammock/swing a gentle push. An electronic timer built into RockitMan™ senses the exact moment when the "swing" needs a little "help," and gives it a gentle tug at just the right time. Like a swing, a tiny effort applied at at just the right moment and....voila! are in hammock-porch-swing heaven!


Who Can Use RockitMan™?

Our motto is "if it swings... RockitMan™! And that pretty well tells the story. If you own a hammock--doesn't matter what kind--hop in and take a nap. No arm or leg required to keep swaying. If you have a light porch swing, pick your feet up, curl up with a good novel and while away the afternoon--no legwork required! If a hammock chair is more your style, climb in, put RockitMan™ in charge, and take a siesta. RockitMan™ works with any kind of hammock and lightweight swaying, swinging furniture. And the battery option means you can even take it camping!


Is RockitMan™ Easy to Use?

Yes. Attach the connecting cord to your hammock as required and position RockitMan as required.  Is it intuitive?  Absolutely not.  Is it plug and Play?  No.  If you are going to be happy with your RockitMan, you will have to watch the setup video (see PRODUCT INFO>SETUP VIDEOS above) and follow the instructions, or you will be annoyed and we will be frustrated.......or vice versa.  We welcome your business, but if you are averse to following instructions, there are probably other products you would prefer.


RockitMan™ Instructions

1. Clip RockitMan™ to your hammock, swing, etc.
2. Gently rock your hammock
3. Relax! RockitMan™ is on the job.