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Can RockitMan Help You Sleep?

If you are reading this in the wee hours of the night, there is a good chance you are among the millions  who have difficulty sleeping.  Even if you are reading this during the daylight hours, you may be one of the estimated 30% of adults who suffer from some sort of sleep disorder.  And sleep disorders are not only exasperating, they also contribute to negative outcomes related to other health issues such as heart disease, depression and obesity.



"I have horrific insomnia and I literally just fell asleep. That's pure gold." -- Aryana D.

Although little is known about how to effectively cure many of these disorders, there are known remedies that can improve sleep, and one of those is gentle back-and-forth rocking. A 2019 controlled study found that most participants fell asleep faster, and enjoyed deeper sleep while gently rocking than while resting without the rocking motion. The authors went on to say “….the gentle sway of a hammock may soothe us to sleep. We previously corroborated (this) observation by showing that a continuous rocking stimulation…” shortened the time to go to sleep, lengthened certain phases of sleep, and enhanced certain sleep-related brain activity.

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At RockitMan, we are not sleep experts or medical practitioners, and we make no special claims about the therapeutic benefits of rocking in a hammock.  However, we are gratified by the many happy comments we get from customers who tell us of their enhanced sleep experience in their hammocks.  We believe we offer the finest automatic, electric rocking device for any type of hammock, and we do know that RockitMan can provide a type of back-and-forth motion similar to that described in the study quoted above, which proved to be so beneficial to test subjects.  Our plug-in RockitMan can quietly rock you in your hammock for hours at a time, and you may very well find that that movement is just the ticket for longer, more-restful sleep.